Bonded Fin Heatsink

Dau Thermal Solutions offers customers total freedom in the design and manufacturing of our Bonded Fin Heatsinks. Each bonded heat sink is built to the specific needs of our customer. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all theory, in power electronics very few applications are ever the same. Dau will provide the solution you need, not what some catalogue may have to offer!

Bonded Heatsinks can dissipate two - three times more heat than the average extruded heatsink by adding 200% to 300% to the cooling surface area. Two fin styles are available - folded fin and single fin. Fin height, fin thickness and fin density can be used in countless combinations to get the performance you, the customer, deserves.

Due to our stringent manufacturing standards, industry leading epoxy, and tight process controls our customers have enjoyed trouble free service of our bonded fin heatsinks since the mid 1990's. At Dau we randomly test our fins for pull out force by an independent lab. Our goal is to provide each Dau customer with the highest possible performance, quality, and value!

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Bonded Fin, Aluminum

Bonded Fin Bonded Fin